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Juicer or Blender, Which One is Better?

 Juicer or Blender, Which One is Better?

FOODCOMBININGINTERNATIONAL-Sometime many people ask which one is better juicer or blender? which one is good for our body health? I would like to share about the comparison of them according to as follows:

The differences between Juicer and Blender


Slow Juicer
Juicer is one of kitchen utensils which used to juice the fruits or vegetables. It gives extract water and nutrients from fruits or vegetables by separating the dregs remaining fruits or vegetables.

Those dregs actually contain many fibers. Without the fiber, your digestive system does not have to work hard to break down food and absorb nutrients. In fact, it is believed to make nutrients more easily absorbed by the body in amounts far greater than if you eat fruits and vegetables as a whole.

Fiber is actually very useful to help slow down the digestive process and provide release of nutrients into the bloodstream. Juicer usage would be very helpful if you have a sensitive digestive system or there is a disease that inhibits the body process fiber.

Vegetables Juice

In additionvegetable juice is often used in healing and detoxification programs / processes to remove toxins from the body because the  vegetable juice is very rich nutrients to nourish and restore the body's cells.

So the conclusion is the absence of fiber in beverages, then the juice will be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly. If you only consume fruit juice for a long time and a large amount, then this would potentially lead to increase in blood sugar spikes are not stable. This can cause mood swings, loss of energy, memory problems and much more!

Juicers are generally easier to clean than a blender because there are no blades. But in terms of price, juicer relatively more expensive than a blender.


The beverages that is produced by the blender called as smoothie. Unlike juice, smoothie consists of over all parts of the fruit or vegetable, including the skin and all the fiber from vegetables and fruits so that the texture is thicker than juice.

Blender produce fiber in a much smaller size compared with consuming fruit or vegetables directly. This will not only make fruit and vegetables more easily digested by the body, but also helps slow release of nutrients into the blood stream and avoid spikes in blood sugar.


Smoothie also tend to be more filling than juice because it is rich in fiber. It is very good for those who are running the diet program. So you should use a blender if you want to diet, of course without added sugar.

With the fiber in a smoothie, the volume generated by the blender drinks will be more than juicer. In other words, it will take more fruits and vegetables in a glass of juice compared smoothie. This causes the nutrients contained in the juice more than the smoothie.

When cleaning the blender must be extra careful as there are blades. While in terms of price, blender relatively more affordable than juicer.

Some say that the nutrients are derived from slow juicer (70-80 rpm) is better than the blender (1000-20000 rpm). Until this article was published, FoodCombiningInternational not been able to find the truth of this case.
But many people who joining in the Food Combining Program believed this statement. 

The important tips before make Juice or Smoothie

1. It is better not to combine fruit and vegetables (except apple)

Not too matter to incorporate green vegetables, but vegetables such as carrots, beets, broccoli and cucumbers should not be combined with fruit as a high starch content. In the book "Food Combining Made Easy", Dr. Herbert Shelton explained that starchy foods should be eaten alone because starch is digested with an enzyme that is different from those used for any other food group.Combine starchy foods with fruit can cause fermentation and gas. However, Dr. Shelton found that green vegetables can be combined well with almost any kind of fruit.

2. Wash vegetables and fruit

As we know, the rest of pesticides and fertilizers are often attached to the skin of fruit and vegetables. To eliminate it can use a brush and a special anti-bacterial soap for fruits and vegetables that are sold freely. It would be better when using organic fruits and vegetables.

3. Immediately after drinking juice or smoothie made

After 15 minutes, the light and air will destroy many nutrients. If you can not drink it straight, move juices or smoothies into airtight container and protected from direct light until you are ready to drink it.So, which one is better? Juicer or blender? Both of these tools has its own advantages and disadvantages of each. Consider in terms of prices and benefits to be obtained.

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