Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Food Combining Menu Portion Ilustration

In this chance, I would like to share about the Food Combining Menu Portion, but I just want to show the illustration. In food combining program, everyone is recommended to eat health  and nutrition food. The characteristic of food combining is Raw Vegetables. Yes of course, because raw vegetable is one of food that gives many benefit for us. Raw vegetable is the component that help our body to create pH Alkalized

I use some colors to describe the food combining menu portion for lunch or dinner:

White color is rice
Red color is tofu/soybean fermented/ croquette
Yellow color is meat/fish/egg/chicken/steak
Green color is raw vegetables

From the picture above you can see that the portion of raw vegetables is more much than others. I give you an example of food combining menu portion for lunch or dinner in two parts, A and B.  You can choose one of them for your lunch or dinner.

Part A consist of raw vegetables, rice, and Protein Nabati. While, Part B consist of raw vegetables and Protein Hewani.

Healthy life is invest


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